We wanted to create a video that could explain all the fun features of without actually having to show you the webpage. So we created a completely differenent style than the webpage so that it could change but the video would always stay relevant. We used a combination of 2D after effects animation, Cinema 4d and Element 3d to animate. Element 3D was especially helpful in giving us a 3D Head for our Character.
We rigged our character in after effects using DUIK tools.  Then we created a 3d Null in the position of his head.  We used that null as a controller for the 3d head that we modeled in maya and brought into after effects with Element 3D.
We wanted to keep a simple character but have him be able to look in the direction of all the action.  This was the easiest way to accomplish that.
Using the Cinema 4d Dynamics engine, I added a motor to this triangle.  I then exported the camera data and the nulls where the wheels were so that i could just put the wheels on in after effects.  It gave a great bumpy feel and also made it feel like the triangle had some torque.  It was super easy to set up.
Using cinema 4d for 2d animation is really so easy and awesome.  For this shot I used the cloth engine on a regular plane.  I used a belt to tie the plane to another object and then moved it to the side and it created a create swinging effect.  Then I just swapped out the texture and rendered it multiple times.  
Here I actually just used 3D layers in after effects to assemble the box and have it animate.  That kept the layers live so if we ever wanted to change the pose of the character on the cereal box we didn't have to rerender in 3D.
Here I just added an adjustment layer to each side of the glass stand and added a turbulent displace and transform to get the scaling.  It created a pretty nice glass effect.
Here I used Cinema 4D's Cloth engine as well as spline dyanmics.  I was able to use expresso to attach a null to different points on the mesh.  Then constrained my splines to those nulls.  
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